Monday, April 23, 2012

Assorted Bento and Stroll Down Memory Lane

As I mentioned earlier, we had an outing to my home town the other day, where is a town of hills and port. You can see all kinds of buildings in there, historic ones, newies, traditional Japanese temples and shrines, western style churches, catholic, protestant, Greek, and so on because it was the first international trade port in Japan. Always brings back fond memories of my high school days. I got some shots there, which are not cool due to my bad camera setting though. There are a lot more great views in the town that I really want to share so I hope to have a chance next time I go.

My high school is near here. Most of the students have to walk up this heavy slope to get to the school. But the view from the top of the slope is amazing so it comes out very often on famous movies, TV dramas and commercials.

My high school road. I would walk here chatting with friends everyday.

There are really so many religious buildings around the school. You would be amazed by the scenery that there are buildings of various kinds of religions in one area.



Old old folk dwellings are conserved by the city and the owners, and used as cafes, restaurants, souvenir shops.



A famous German sausage house.

A Chinese restaurant.

Here is the bento I made for the outing.

I wanted to copy takeout bento styles for some reason and did so but except for the tomatoes, all the foods in these bentos are what I really like to have in my bento, yehoo! Sesame onigiri, yakisoba, karaage, potato salad and tamagoyaki. It was exactly the best combination as I expected!! Later on, we had scrumptious gelato for dessert.



  1. Your hometown is beautiful as is your bento...delicious!

  2. I love all of the photos of your hometown.  The hills are amazing, what a beautiful place!  I think those bentos are full of my favorite things too :)

  3. Aw thank you! :) I'd love to share a lot more pictures of different views someday.

  4. I'm happy you enjoyed the photos! I wish we could all do a bento potluck somewhere on earth! ;)

  5. Your potato salad looks wonderful - would you mind posting the recipe please?

  6. Thank you! It's yummy but so simple to make. I will post it sometime soon. :)