Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Chicken Cacciatore Bento


Today Yuppi doesn't need a bento. Hubby gets a pasta bento. I didn't have enough rice so I prepared some pasta this morning. And added quick chicken cacciatore (pollo alla cacciatore) that I made last night and sauteed spicy sausages to it. Plus an umeboshi onigiri to top it off. I put the cacciatore & pasta in a glass container so that hubby could nuke it at work. Speaking of pasta, it would be a big help in the case you forgot to turn on the rice cooker or don't have any staple food... Yes, that's what I sometimes do haha! I don't use a rice cooker though. The thing I like about pasta is that it's hard to get soggy and mushy even after a while compared to other kinds of noodles. I made the chicken cacciatore in pretty much the same way as the chicken curry using canned tomato and some Italian herbs. I guess I should have added a vegetable section to the bento instead of the onigiri. I'm always impressed American people try to have lots of veggie in their meals. It's probably because they have become health-conscious or most of bento makers are trying to eat healthier. However, for Japanese workers' bentos, I think staple food is more important than nutrients in order not to be hungry until the next meal. I think I can make up for the nutrient balance with breakfast and supper. So that's actually my excuse about how I make bento lol! Happy hump day all!!



  1. Hello !! I am Kelyrin, I come from France and I have just discovered your bento blog. I just wanted to tell you how great I think it is, I think I'm going to spend hours and hours going through all your photos ! Your bentos are very impressive, so simple yet so beautiful and yummy-looking !!! Thank you for all this pleasure !!! Have a nice day~!!!! 

  2. Hi Kelyrin! Welcome and thank you for coming by. I'm really glad you enjoyed this blog. Your comment is so encouraging! :)