Friday, April 13, 2012

Sweet Sour Meatball Bento


Good morning! I thought spring had come at last but I turned on the room heat again today. It seems like Mr. Spring doesn't to want to come over here. The only good thing is that I can still enjoy hot drink and food. Well today's bento contains two brown rice onigiri, spinach namul, shrimp and boiled egg salad, and sweet sour meatballs. When I made the Hamburg Bento, I saved some of the patties in the freezer. And this morning I thaw them and dressed with sauce of shoyu, sugar, vinegar and starch. I think sweet sour salty things are good for bento because they taste good even cold. As you know I was having an affair with white rice for a short while, but I started using brown rice again. White rice makes bentos look bright, but I still prefer brown rice. Now I'm trying some ways to cook brown rice as I want it to be. Not dry but not too sticky. Hmmm a bit difficult but so interesting!

Today's photooo! This one has been the most popular on my Flickr page lately so I had to share it heehee. You can find out the details of these strawberry tarts here.
Strawberry tarts


  1. Fabulous bento! I've never been a fan of brown rice, but your brown rice onigiri make me want to try some.  The tarts are so beautiful, I bet that they tasted amazing!

  2. Thanks Mari! I wasn't a fan before, either. But brown rice is really good for you. After a lot of attempts I'm a big fan of it now. I actually use a rice polisher and remove a little bit of bran. ;)

  3. Saw strawberrys and feel like summer is coming :) Babykins, how many bento box you have?

  4. Thanks Strange! The tarts were so good. :) 
    Ah I never counted my bento boxes hehe.