Thursday, April 19, 2012

Spam Musubi Bento

Today I made some spam musubi for bento. But Actually it's not a real spam because spam is a bit too salty for me. So I used slices of thick sausage instead. Since I've made sausage musubi several times before, some of you may remember that. Today I'm going to talk about not spam but nori. Yes nori! It's really important if you are a fan of nori musubi or nori makizushi. It naturally contains the taste that makes food tasty and flavorful. And musubi would be even easier to eat by being wrapped in nori because the rice will be hard to stick to your hand or crumble down while you're munching. You don't need to buy expensive nori, but quality one is needed, which is shiny and crispy. From my experience, matte one is not so crispy or tasty. Carefully pick good one!


Mock spam musubi, fried herbed shrimp, cheese omelet.

Mentaiko musubi besides the same dishes.


  1. Perfect! I love musubi, but I make it out of turkey spam (gasp!). You've inspired me to now make it with sausage =)

  2. Thank you April Allgier! Now I'm curious about turkey spam! Sounds healthy. :)