Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Onion Shoyu Pork Bento




Jimi-bens are continuing. *Jimi* means *not colorful or pretty, not so cute* in Japanese. For example you use it this way. --- *I want this bag. What do you think?* *Hmmm not bad, but I think it's a bit jimi for you... That one is much cuter.*
And *Ben* is short for bento. By the way I hear some people say *charaben bento*. It's actually not correct. Charaben is short for character bento which contains food decorated to look like cute (or popular) characters. I mean *charaben* itself means character bento... haha! Does that make sense? Okay today's main dish is onion syoyu pork. I seasoned usual sauteed pork thins with syoyu, grated onion and a bit of sugar and black pepper. The rest of these bentos are quick pickle and sweet potato. I threw cut cucumber, some umeboshi seeds, a bit of salt and kombucha powder (stuff totally different from the fermented kombucha drink in bottles btw) into a poly bag and then lightly kneaded. And I boiled and seasoned sweet potato with a little of brown sugar and butter and salt. Aw I've just found the reason why my bentos look jimi! Because of brown rice!? Or no cute characters!? I don't mind, either way aha!


  1. I don't mind either because they look delicious!  :) Yay for Jimi-bens!!!

  2. Tee hee yay yay yay. Thanks sweety! :)