Thursday, April 26, 2012

Ebi Fry and Rolled Pork Bento


Ahhh it's hard to catch up on posting gasp Meanwhile, my bentomaking can't stop. Okay I'll keep on trying because blogging is such motivation to me to keep making bento. For these bentos, I made ebi fry (panko-fried shrimp) which is our favorite and rolled pork with cheese. And I put in boiled snap peas along with miso mayonnaise which I mixed together miso paste and half calorie mayonnaise. It goes with any sorts of vegetables, cucumber in particular if you're not a miso hater. You can add a bit of mustard or Japanese karashi paste in miso mayo, which would also work as a preservative to keep bento food fresh during the hot season.



  1. I often make pork and vegetable rolls, but cheese and pork rolls sound like an extraordinary idea. I'm sure my husband would love if I tell him: this time no vegetables, just meat and cheese ;-) 
    I'm sure I will make them (by the way, have you coated them in anything? or simply fried?).
    Miso mayonnaise is another thing I have to prepare. It's so funny because I often mix normal mayonnaise (I love the Japanese!) with low-fat mayonnaise too.  Lovely bento! 

  2. mmmm....that looks so GOOD!  I have never tried miso mayonnaise, I must do, ASAP!  Wasabi mayonnaise is nice too.  I love your combination of crispy, soft, and other textures.  sometimes i get tired of cooking also...though i love it, it seems like sometimes i need a little excitement to keep going :)

  3. Really? Dose it sound weird? ;) I like to eat pork cheese rolls with ketchup. I always coat meat in flour or starch (this time flour) because it helps keep meat moist and tender. Sometimes I make panko-fried ones too. You'd probably better wrap cheese totally in a meat thin to keep the cheese from leaking out.

  4. I like wasabi mayo, too! Yeah totally agree. I think that looking at everyone's bentos inspires me. :)