Thursday, June 28, 2012

Dolphin Sammy Bento

Yesterday I made sammies for bento for the first time in a while. It's fun to make *flour thing bentos* (bread, pancakes, wraps, etc). My family are all big on bread but Yuppi prefers rice for her bento for some reason. Anyway I want to make bread bentos again soon because my bentos are in a rut and I'm totally bored with them haha!

I've been waiting for a long time for a chance to use the sammy cutters my friend send me last Christmas. My favorite shokupan (Japanese loaf) slices were so fluffy and soft that it was a bit hard to cut it out with the dolphin cutter, but I think it turned out darn cute! Another nice thing about this cutter is that it doesn't make any odds and ends but the crust. I'll have to use the cutters for cookies next time.

I didn't send hubby the dolphin sammies because I thought they were too cute for him lol. And I didn't cut off the crust. Shokupan crust is dense and so filling, but the white part is airy. Hubby would be soon hungry with crustless sammies. I'm not a fan of shokupan crust so I usually make it panko (bread crumb) in the food processor.

This is what the dolphins ended up with.


  1. Yours bento are beautiful ! I have a question : what did you put in sandwiches? It look so yummy !

  2. Welcome and thank you Lau-Lotte! The fillings are ham egg salad, ham & cuke, and cheese flowers. :)

  3. Thanks you for your answer ! :)