Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Ketchup Pork Roll Bento


Today I made ketchup pork rolls with cheese, shiokoji mashed potato and herb scrambled egg. I entirely wrapped thin pork slices around cheese sticks so the cheese won't melt and leak out, then floured and pan-fried them. Then seasoned with tomato juice and ketchup. It turned out a good bento okazu.


I boiled some potato as usual then mashed it with a spoon and softened with some milk and seasoned with a little butter and shiokoji. It worked well. I'm going to make this again soon!




  1. The cheese sticks pork rolls sound delicious and do-able. Inspired by your blog, my daughter and I made a bento lunch today. We're hoping to do it again soon. Thanks for all your yummy bento posts.

  2. Hi Babykins! Loving your lunches as usual, though haven't had time to comment for a while!  I have some thin slices of beef so I'm hoping to try your rolls later today :)!  I have to make a bento dinner for myself this week.  I wonder if I can ask you a special favour?  I love your wooden bento box so much, and wanted to buy one.  I found this one on ebay, do you think it's similar to yours?  I wasn't sure if it was good quality or's hard to tell!  I asked the seller and she said it's a natural lacquer.  So I guess I'm asking your expert opinion!  Have a happy one
    Karen :)

  3. Thank you for the comment as always! As far as I see, the box is a good one. But before ordering it, have you checked out Rakuten site yet?
    Mine is here ---

  4. Thank you for the encouraging comment! So glad you also do bento. I hope my posts help someone like you keep bentoing! :)

  5. Thank you babykins! much variety on Rakuten.  I looked at them a long time  before but it was a lot harder to use then.  The prices seem good too...I think maybe this would be the best way for me.  I just got a magewappa last I'm so greedy for natural wood for my next purchase too! I have to say, I love the look of the natural wood :)
    BTW, I tried the meat rolls, and the cheese ran out!! But I think I know what I did should be thinner and wrap around more than once? Thanks again for your help! 

  6. Your magewappa is great! I'm looking forward to seeing your wappa bentos in the future.
    Geez, that's a bummer. I used two slices for each and I guess my cheese was a melt-less-easily type.