Sunday, June 24, 2012

Nori-ben and Sausage Bento



Today is Sunday but I have some more bento photos that I haven't been able to catch up on posting. It's hard to keep on writing everyday, but it sure is a dope for me to continue bento.

I run out eggs very often these days, maybe because I've over-used them. I was going to make ninjinshirishiri again, but I realized when I shredded up a carrot, there were no eggs in the refrigerator. Plus meat neither! So I made carrot corn salad instead. But the bentos didn't come out meatless ones because I was pretty sure Yuppi would have been unhappy if her bento had contained no meat. So, good thing I had bought a bag of sausages, phew. I think I should've flavored the sausages with ketchup or something. At least I made nori-ben so that they could eat rice even without decent *partners of rice*. You can't see the nori on Yuppi's rice but I topped over it with a little rice and edamame because it's easier to eat this way. In the meantime, I've been cooking rice with shiokoji lately. Guess what, I found out something new about shiokoji. It makes rice better as well. About 2 tbsps of shiokoji to 6 cups of uncooked brown rice, which gives the rice slight saltiness and keeps it moist and good for ages even when it's cold. Only, too much shiokoji might make your rice gooey because of its enzymes though. Give shiokoji rice a try!


  1. looks yum, as usual!  What's in the little cup with the prawn on top?  Is it mashed potato?

  2. Love how you make do with whatever is on hand. My kids like to have meat in their meals too. By the way I just posted a pic of the bento my daughter made last week. She made smiley faces for the sausages :)

  3. Thank you 
    Baydeleau! It's frozen gratin (store bought) :D

  4. Thank you Opportunityknits! I'm impressed your girl makes bento herself. Off to your site soon! :)

  5. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.