Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Shiokoji Pork Bento and Tiny Little Summer

This bento contains shiokoji pork saute and shiokoji tamagoyaki, which are my current fave, and corn edamame salad. I rubbed some shiokoji on both sides of a bit thick pork slices then floured. And then sauteed them until brown. Though it's preferable to marinate meat in a little shiokoji for a while, but when you don't have enough time it's okay to just put on shiokoji right before cooking. Even so the meat will turn more tender and taste better than one without shiokoji. Did you check out the shio-koji recipe yet?

This one contains onion pork saute (leftover) instead of the shiokoji pork because I wanted to finish it up. Since it wasn't enough to put in Hubby's bento, I had to make the shiokoji pork. I put a frozen mini jelly cup next to the orange wedge as a bento cooler.

I discovered a tiny little summer around the house. Happy summer everyone!!


  1. Totally yummy and nourishing bentos and I adore the cheerful delicacy of your summer bouquet!

  2. Is that "flower vase" really a glas of Bonne Maman fruit jam? It looks like it known... Funny.

  3. Hi Jenn! Nice talking with you again. Have you gotten back in the swing?

  4. Long time no see Bentolily! Does it look funny? :) I love jam jars and drink bottles. I use them as vases.

  5.  Your bentos always look yummy! And your photos always intensify the great flavors of your bentos :D

  6. Aw thank you! It's nice hearing from you again! :)