Thursday, June 07, 2012

Shiokoji Chahan Bento


Today I made chahan for bento. I find that shiokoji does a great job on chahan as well. Not only does it make chahan even better, but it keeps rice from being sticky. I love shiokoji chahan at the morment. You know I've been on a shiokoji spree for a while now. Oh I have to apologize to those interested in making shiokoji. I'm way behind in posting the shiokoji recipe. I will write it once I get to take pictures for it! --- (Yes, I haven't done it YET hahhh.) The rest of these bentos contain shiokoji tamago (my current fave) and ketchup chicken which I used leftover crispy chicken from last night.



  1. I'd love to see a recipe too, and I wonder if you made the 'crispy chicken' yourself? (and if so, how?).
     I enjoy seeing your fantastic delicious bentos!  

  2. Thanks for enjoying my bentos! I simply dredge chicken pieces in a mix of starch and flour, then fry crisp till crisp. :) I just wrote up the shiokoji recipe, check it out!