Monday, June 04, 2012

Chikuten Bento


It's Monday already?! Today's bentos turned out to be brown all around as I didn't put in green stuff or a tomato cutie. Fresh green lettuce dividers and colorful mini tomatoes jazz up bentos so most of eye-catching bentos have them... right? But during the hot summer months, actually I'm kind of nervous if they turn wilted and yucky at lunchtime, and the moisture of raw greens causes bento food to rot. So brown bentos make me feel good haha! Plus I'm really ashamed to say but I don't eat raw tomatoes. But Yuppi says that mini tomatoes refresh your mouth at the end of bento. I thought she made sense! That's why I put one in her bento very often.


These bentos contain chiku-ten (chikuwa tempura), daigakuimo, shiokoji tamago, yakitori skewers and no tomatoes.



  1. I always enjoy your posts! Your bentos look so delicious every time. Really inspiring!

  2. Welcome Priscilla! Thanks so much for the sweet words! You're from flickr, I guess? ;)