Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sesame Chicken Patty and Menchi Katsu Bento

I know, similar bentos continue. But if you look at them carefully you'll see the differences, though, the ingredients I use everyday are pretty much the same aha! Ah well, yesterday I made healthy chicken tofu patty in the food processor. I made it into mini burgers, and put sesame seeds on both sides of them and then pan-fried. The rest of these bentos have chikuwa curry tempura, ham egg rolls, and some lovely cherries for refreshment. Yes! The cherry season has come close. They are still pricey though.



Today's bentos. I made chicken menchi katsu (panko-fried patties) using the rest of the chicken patty. And I made sweet potato tempura and tamagoyaki with green onion. You see, almost the same ingredients as yesterday's bentos above! Wait, I made curry pork stir-fry today instead of the curry chikuwa tempura. Okay no problem, I'm pretty sure Yuppi is (and was) happy with both of her bentos because they only contain what she loves. As for Hubby, actually he says nothing about his bentos. I'm used to it though. What he does when he is eating something yummy is just to nod saying *mm mm* LOL.



Glad it's Friday tomorrow. Let's keep going till the weekend!!

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