Friday, June 29, 2012

Shiokoji Pork Fry Bento

2012.06.28 (1)

2012.06.28 (2)

For these bentos, I made tonkatsu (pork cutlet) but I want to call it *pork fry* for no reason. I did a bit different thing this time. Having quite thin pork slices (which were actually for shabushabu), I rolled them into nugget-like shapes by hand. Then put on a bit of shiokoji and panko and then fried them as usual. Along with it, I added lemon wedges and mini bottles of shoyu instead of tonkatsu sauce. I also made ketchup/mayo shrimp. Since ketchup tastes kind of similar to tonkatsu sauce (both are sweet and sour, right?), I thought lemon-shoyu would go better this time. And I also made cheese omelet using leftover cheese from the cutout, and instant pickled cuke with my usual shiokoji for a little tidbit. It's nice to have a bit of tsukemono (pickled veggie) in a rice bento. By the way, since it's been getting hotter lately I'm wondering what to pack in bentos. Fortunately, although I've never had an experience with my bento going bad, I want to keep my bentos fresh and tasty on hot days. I gotta care about wettish raw greens and perishable foods.



  1. another tasty bento!  i made some cucumber pickles yesterday too...i love them!!  they are so good with rice.  i like the way you do an interesting twist on the same ingredients, the pork looks so nice.

  2. I love pickles (not sweet ones). Now summer veggies are good here. I'm going to make some kinds of pickles soon. :)