Friday, June 08, 2012

Ninjin Shirishiri Bento


This bento turned out ORANGE in color! I mean, it has no greens. So at least I used a green paper cup to give an accent to it. I think it worked haha! What I want to feature today is Ninjin shirishiri. Ninjin is carrot, shirishiri is shredding. Ninjin shirishiri is shredded carrot stir-fried along with egg which is one of Okinawan popular dishes. I've posted it quite a while back too, but am doing again because it's really a good okazu that even carrot haters can eat!


How to make Ninjin shirishiri
1) Shred a carrot with food grater.
2) Stir-fry it with a little oil until as tender as you like. Add a little water meanwhile if you want.
3) Add a beaten egg, and keep stir-frying until the egg is done.
4) Season it as you like.

Options --- Canned tuna, ham, bacon, chikuwa etc. (I used bacon this time.)
Seasonings --- Salt, shoyu, sugar, black pepper etc. (I only used shiokoji and salt this time, but it turned out so good.)


By the way, that gray stuff is simmered foods (chicken, konnyaku and burdock). It's yuck looking due to the color from the burdock, but tastes really good, I swear heehee.


  1. Ooh, thank you for the recipe! I'm not a carrot *hater* exactly, but I am a carrot-don't-really-care-for-the-much-er and I'm trying to find more ways to get them into bentos because they're so pretty :) Kinpira is a great way of making carrots taste of not-carrots, and I think this will be good too, I'll be trying it!

  2. No problem, and thank you! I'm sure you'll like 
    ninjinshirishiri . :) I think many people would prefer it to kimpira. :D

  3.  I tried it out, and you can see the result here:
    I flavoured mine with some tiny pieces of chorizo and it was excellent - definitely going to be featuring in lots more bentos! Though I need to learn how to cook it so the egg stays bright yellow like yours - mine looked a little grubby for some reason!

  4. Noway! Yours looks and sounds so good! I think options and seasonings give a color. Anyway it's good you liked your ninjin shirishiri! :D

  5. I made ninjin shirishiri today and I love it! I like carrots and this is another great carrot dish. I added tuna which was great. I will try bacon next. Thanks for another great dish!

  6. Hey Christine. Thank you for the try, and I'm so glad you liked your ninjin shirishiri. That inspired me back! :)