Monday, May 28, 2012

Chicken Tender Karaage Bento

I'm not sure what I should call today's bento. It has nothing featured especially. A lazy unmotivated Monday. At least I stuck BIG photos here haha!



So today's novelty is asparagus stir-fry. I stir fried asparagus with a little butter and seasoned it with salt and tarako (salted cod roe). I think it turned out to be a good bento dish!


I mentioned earlier that I was going to do something fun in honor of my 200th post. I'm now planning on doing three things for it. One: to make a bento video. Two: to make a bento gallery on this blog that everybody can see bentos they made. Three: I'm going to do something else too, but will keep it a secret for now hehe. I hope to actualize all of them before my 300th post LOL.


  1. How about Sunny Bento? Color looks bright and happy, and the orange slices seem like sun. Congrats to the 200th post and looking forward to the bento video so much!

  2. Hi lululu... nice hearing from you again! Sunny bento is neat! I'll swipe it! ;) Thanks, I also can't wait to post the video!