Thursday, May 17, 2012

Om-yakisoba Bento



Today I made om-yakisoba (yakisoba omelet). The rest of these bentos contain daigakuimo (glazed sweet potato), shiokoji syoyu egg wedges, and kiyomi orange wedges for a refreshment. The shiokoji syoyu eggs I made the other day, you want to know what it feels like? It turned out slightly cheese-ish. It's because of the enzyme in shiokoji, I guess. But still so good! By the way, shall I share an idea on making yakisoba for bento? Who asks? Nobody. But I sure believe the idea is too good not to share lol! Well, yakisoba is noodles stir-fried along with meat, veggie and yakisoba sauce. Just-cooked ones are so good, but fine even cold. When I make it for bento I boil yakisoba noodles and other ingredients instead of stir-frying. Then drain them all and mix in seasonings. So you can eat ungreasy and healthier yakisoba this way. Cold greasy food is yuck. However, when I can eat yakisoba right after cooking I prefer a stir-fried one because it is a real yakisoba.


  1. I love yakisoba, and together with omelette...this is something I have to try!!!  Also I like your idea of not frying the's much lighter.  :)

  2. Yeah yakisoba goes with egg :) I hope you have a chance to make *boiled yakisoba*!