Friday, May 18, 2012

Maki-zushi Bento



Today I made makizushi (sushi rolls). I keep some sushi vinegar in the refrigerator so I can make sushi rice fast whenever I want. And this morning I made scrambled egg and sweet salty pork soboro for the makizushi. This one is easy to make. You just put makizushi ingredients in order on plastic wrap then roll it up. I recommend this way because it doesn't call for a sushi mat and you don't need to slice up your rolls. I think the hardest part of making makizushi is slicing it all up. Japanese rice is too sticky to slice neatly. It's fun to gobble down a long makizushi like a banana haha! It would be pretty by tying both ends of the plastic wrap with cute ribbons. By the way you can use plain rice as well instead of sushi rice. In that case, maybe it's supposed to be called *maki-onigiri*? *Onigiri rolls*?? Either one is OK lol. The rest of this bento are sweet sour chicken (leftover) and my last shiokoji shoyu egg. I will make ones again soon.


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