Monday, May 07, 2012

Shumai Bento and Potato Salad

Today is the last of my looong holiday... yewww. Ah well everything has an end, I know. We had amazing summer days early in the holiday. After that, it was raining cats and dogs while we're driving home from Sapporo. It was a record rainfall so we had to get off the freeway. And now I'm staying warm with the room heat at home. Hey what's going on? What weird weather! Sakura trees in Sapporo were in full bloom, while ones here haven't even started to bloom yet. It's totally weird, isn't it? Because my town is warmer than Sapporo. Okay, in any case, we had a blast hanging out with our lovely nephews and shopping around over there. I got some bento boxes for Yuppi because I thought she needed larger ones as she's getting bigger. You will see them sometime soon.

These are bentos I made before the holiday.
A super quick bento. I had made shumai and saved some in the freezer. All I did for this bento was microwave the shumai and saute some sausages!

For these ones, I made a tarako tamagoyaki, shiokoji stir-fry of pork and cabbage, and curry potato salad.


Someone asked me how to make my potato salad on here. So I will write it below.
Curry potato salad
My potato salad for bento is so simple, but of course you can add other ingredients such as sliced onion, cucumber, boiled egg, etc if you want.

1) Boil cut potato in salted water until tender, and then drain.
2) Season with mayonnaise and a little vinegar. (I added a little curry powder this time.)
3) Mix well, then add salt to taste.


  1. babykins, your rice always looks so glisteningly beautiful!  Do you cook it in rice cooker?  When I cook brown rice it always takes on a dull look...I wonder what I'm doing wrong? 

  2. Maybe it's because my brown rice is slightly polished. I use a rice polisher and pressure cooker. :)

  3. a rice polisher?  i doubt such things are available here!  There used to be a polished brown rice here, but unfortunately not available now.  Do you pressure-cook on low pressure, as macrobiotics do?  That brings back good memories of my macro days! :)

  4. I'm the one who asked for your potato salad recipe!  Thank you so very much - and it's curried too.  Us Brits love all things curried :)

  5. You used to do macro? I've tried the macro method before but I got bored with whole brown rice so I switched to my own way. I use a high-pressure cooker. And you can see rice polishers here. They are similar to mine. 

  6. Wow you are from the UK! No problem, I'm sorry the recipe is rather rough. Potato and curry flavor can be a great combo. :)

  7. Yes, I was full-on macro for about three years...sometimes I still get cravings for the simple macro foods.  And I miss being slim like that, with perfect skin!  Sometimes brown rice can have a muddy taste...I like it, but prefer the partly polished one for taste.  Maybe polishing my own is a good option...I must look into it!  So how long do you cook your brown rice on high pressure?  

  8. I get you. Macro is great but a bit difficult for me to keep going. If you have a polisher you could polish brown rice as you like depending on your taste and physical condition. 
    I heat brown rice for a minute after the weight starts jiggling, then after 30-40 minutes, get the lid off.    

  9. I wanted to thank you again for the recipe - tried it and it was so delicious!  Yes, I'm from the UK, but have lived in Canada for almost 15 years :)

  10. My pleasure, I'm glad it went well! Oh I love both countries, so jealous! 

  11. Your bentos look delicious, can i have the recipe for the curry potato salad lol as in may i know which brand of curry powder did u use?

  12. Wellcome Ze Han, tank you for coming by! 
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